What is a Gro Precision Watering kit?

It is a pressure-reduced system which ensures that the same amount of water is delivered out of the dispensing components at every point in the system.

Can I use these if kits if I operate on a well?

We recommend the exclusive use of clear fresh water. Contaminated as well as sandy water can lead to malfunctions.  These kits are designed to work on well water systems.  Each kit includes a mesh screen filter inside the pressure reducer.  This screen can be removed and cleaned as needed.  However, very fine sand can get past the filter.

What should be the maximum temperature of the water?

The water temperature should not exceed 95 degrees F.

What is the Pressure Reducer/Filter required for?

It reduces the inlet pressure (domestic or pump) to approx. 22 psi flow pressure. It filters sand or other solids from the water.

On the Pressure Reducer/Filter, it has a small hole on the side. What is the purpose of this hole?

This hole serves for the complete ventilation of the system during initial commissioning.

Can the Pressure Reducer/ Filter be placed vertically instead of horizontally?


What about the stainless steel clamps on the connector, elbow joints, and end plugs?

In operation these stainless steel clamps ensure that the tubing can not slide off. When assembling, ensure that the tubing is pushed onto the clamps as far as they will go.

What water pressure and what amount of water is required for such a kit?

A water pressure of at least 22 psi is required at the inlet of the basic unit. Furthermore, a water quantity of at least 130 gal / hour must be available.

My Watering Kit is not emitting much water. What should I do?

Your system may be clogged.  The Pressure Reducer/Filter has a filter that can be checked and cleaned if necessary by unscrewing one end of the Pressure Reducer / Filter, removing, and cleaning the filter.

I have the Potted Drip Kit with 8 micro drippers. What distance can be irrigated with this Kit?

The maximum distance between the starting point (Pressure Reducer / Filter) and the furthest distant component is 50 ft. Due to the small diameter of the pipe, this pipe can not be extended.  However, the kit can be installed on the end of a garden hose (instead of spigot), and that would provide extended range for the system.  Instructions on how to install to the end of a garden hose are included in the quick start guide.

My micro-drippers are not dripping uniformly anymore or does not release any water. What to do?

Your system may be clogged.  The micro dripper head can be carefully cleaned with a pointed object (e.g. toothpicks)

I am looking for more components to expand my current Potted Drip Kit. What should I do?

If you are wanting more components to expand your current sysytem, please give us a call at 1-855-976-5315 so we can assist you.