The Soak Cycle Settings are accessed in the Zone section of the app. Choose the zone you want to run soak cycles for and turn the “Soak Cycle” toggle button on.

Now Soak Cycles for this particular zone are turned on. The total scheduled watering time will be divided by the number of cycles selected.

You can choose light, medium, or deep cycles or choose to set the two Soak Cycle parameters yourself. These two parameters are:

  1. the number of cycles, between two and five, and
  2. the time interval between each cycle's start time. Selections for this parameter are 30 minutes, or 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours.

For example, Gro calculates the zone to run for 15 minutes total today. Here, the soak cycle feature is enabled to run three cycles at 5 minutes each. The time between cycles is set for 2 hours. The first 5-minute soak cycle runs with all the other zones that will run today. Then two hours later, it will run for another 5 minutes. Gro will run the third 5-minute cycle after the 2-hour interval passes again to complete all three soak cycles.

If the soak cycles are set to divide up the time so that some of the cycles are very short, then it may combine some of the cycles into longer cycles and not run later soak cycles.