Getting Started

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In the Box

Step 1

Label wires on your old controller

Keep track of your current zones and label your wires before disconnecting.

Use the provided labels: orange for zones, black for common, and gray for pump start relay (if applicable).

Note: If your old controller’s power source is hard wired instead of plugging into a power outlet, be sure to turn off the corresponding circuit breaker before disconnecting.


Step 2

Remove your old controller

Dismount your old sprinkler controller from the wall.

Step 3

Remove Gro™ Controller Cover to expose ports

Place fingers inside bottom opening to pull cover apart from base.

Step 4

Install Gro™ Controller

Mount Gro™ Controller with the four provided screws.

Use included wall anchors if necessary.

Step 5

Connect the wires

Connect the labeled wires to the corresponding orange ports and the common wire to the black connector port.

Next, connect the pump start relay wire to the gray port.

Tip: The gray port can be configured in the Gro™ app as Zone 8 if you don’t have a pump start relay



Step 6

Plug in Gro™ Controller

Connect the power supply into the Gro™ Controller and plug into an available electrical outlet.


Step 7

Attach Gro™ Controller Cover

The indicator light will turn solid green which means the controller is waiting for the internet connection.


Step 8

Get the Gro™ Connect app

The Gro™ Connect app can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play. The app will walk you through connecting the Gro™ Controller to your Wi-Fi network, assigning zones, and scheduling options.

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