Getting Started

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In the Box

Step 1

Plug in Gro™ Hub

Gro™ Hub must be placed indoors within your Wi-Fi range to pair. This is typically within 150 feet but will vary depending on your network. Gro™ Hub cannot be used outdoors.

Step 2

Install batteries

Unscrew the bottom portion of the sensor and pull the battery terminal cap off. Look inside the Gro™ Water Sensor for the positive and negative battery positions.Then insert the AAA batteries into the housing, replace the battery cap, and screw the bottom portion back onto the sensor.


Step 3

Place the Gro™ Water Sensor near your favorite plant

Your Gro™ Water Sensor can be placed in the soil near plants. Just insert the Sensing Probes completely into the soil. This can be in pots, containers, raised bed gardens, or your garden. The Gro™ Water Sensor has a range of up to 300 feet from the Gro™ Hub. However, this distance can vary depending on obstructions between the Gro™ Water Sensor and Gro™ Hub, such as walls or other sources of electrical interference.


Step 4

Get the Gro™ Connect App

The Gro™ Connect app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

The app will walk you through connecting the Gro™ Hub and Water Sensor to your Wi-Fi network.

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