Your Gro Controller is designed to always be connected to the Internet to gather local weather information and be able to respond to any instructions from you. If you are receiving this alert, it is because we are detecting intermittent connectivity issues between your Gro Controller and our Cloud Service.

This may impact your controller's ability to respond to instructions sent from your phone, affecting things like turning your sprinklers on of off.The connectivity issues may be caused by a variety of networking issues and may or may not be persistent.

You can test your system by using the “Run Sprinklers” functionality in your Gro App and turning on and off any of the sprinklers in your lawn. If the sprinkler is opening and closing properly, you can ignore the alert.

If you have recently changed settings on your router and your Wi-Fi name or password has changed, then you will need to reset your Gro controller to reconnect it to your Wi-Fi. All of your zone settings are saved in the cloud and will remain unaffected.

If you detect a problem when you test the system, please give us a call at 855-377-7292 or send us an email at